Opposite Island


作者:by Margaret Mignon


出版社:GA&P ePublishing

出版地:London, England

格式:EPUB 流式


分類:兒童文學  英文書  


Imagine being in a brand new rowing boat on a quest to find sharks, but instead you discover an island where everything is OPPOSITE! The people there are born old and grow young. They walk backwards, talk backwards, and they even ... fart backwards. This is what happens to Oliver Cook, with annoying little sister Lois in tow, on his tenth birthday. It blows his mind, but when they are summoned by the king and queen - who are tramps that live under a bridge - mind blowing turns to ... well, mind blowing in a bad way. The King and Queen don't want these kids to leave, and on Opposite Island where you grow young, ten-year-old Oliver and eight-year-old Lois will find themselves buried in a matchbox in only a few years! They have to escape, but how, when the Island Police (armed with lethal bunnies) will do anything to keep the new royal pets incarcerated on Opposite Island!

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